Friday, 5 April 2013

LED lighting can prolong stock's shelf-life for retailers - report

Installing LED lighting in supermarkets is becoming increasingly popular
The ability of LED lighting to benefit food retailers has been highlighted by the Environmental Data Interactive Exchange (EDIE).

EDIE reports that supermarkets are responsible for up to 300,000 tonnes of food waste every year, and with LED lighting this could be dramatically reduced.

With LED lighting emitting less heat and no UV rays, food under its scope will not 'sweat in its packaging' according to EDIE and could therefore last much longer.

This will come as no surprise to retailers who have benefited from LED lighting in their stores already, with additional benefits such as reduced carbon emissions, and large savings made on running costs and maintenance.

The EDIE story goes on: "A report released in January by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers revealed that two billion tonnes of the world's food production is going to waste each year.  

"It also stated that up to half of all food bought in Europe and the US is thrown away by the consumer, and smarter strategies around water conservation and waste prevention could potentially provide 60% to 100% more food."

To read the full story on EDIE click here.