Friday, 26 October 2012

Why LED lighting is key to effective CCTV systems

On November 15th local communities in the UK will have a chance to change the way their area is policed with the first ever Police and Crime Commissioner elections.

Highlighted by a proactive television campaign, the vote will see 41 new positions created whereby new ‘PCCs’ will oversee police budgets, prioritise crime prevention and have the power to hire and fire chief constables.
LED lighting benefits CCTV systems
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Before elections begin next month, voters are being asked which crimes they want to see cracked down on most, choosing between the likes of violent crime, anti-social behaviour and hate crimes.

In a current poll taking place on the Channel 4 website, the biggest change most voters want to see is an improved presence and increased visibility of ‘policing on the beat’. But with a burglary estimated to occur every 40 seconds in the UK, more than half of them occurring at night, further solutions are required to keep homes and businesses safe from thieves.

Ever since the first installation at a London train station in 1961, Closed Circuit Television, or CCTV as it is better known, has become a mainstay of crime prevention through the country. By 1996 all but one of England’s major cities had CCTV systems installed in their city centres, and more than three quarters of the Government’s total crime prevention budget was spent on CCTV.

But despite being a routine piece of security equipment today, the quality and ability of CCTV systems to prevent crime and bring criminals to justice varies. One factor that can work against CCTV cameras is poor visibility, even though some high-end systems may have infa-red or night vision capabilities, the image of a suspect that is produced can fail to stand up to scrutiny in a court of law and lead to vandals and thieves escaping punishment.

One such incident occurred in Newhaven, Sussex whereby three vandals that had caused over £1,000 worth of damage to a party store had been caught on CCTV, but the glare from nearby fluorescent street lights meant Sussex Police were unable to identify the trio.

CCTV manager at the force, Chief Inspector Roger Fox, told The Argus: “CCTV in Sussex is an effective tool for tackling crime and anti social behaviour. There are many factors that can impact on the effectiveness of CCTV, and the proximity of street lighting can be both a positive and negative feature.”

Many modern day CCTV system providers are realising these downfalls, and more emphasis has been placed in recent years on better lighting coverage to supplement the cameras, with many security firms turning to LED lighting for the solution.

LED Flood Lighting - Spitfire 24s
Spitfire 24 LED Flood Lights
LEDs provide bright white light comparable to day light, therefore providing the ideal visual perception and picture balance to achieve clear images. The ability to customise the angle of the LEDs within the light also mean they can be ideally manufactured to suit specific areas in need of security - so warehouses, car parks and interiors can all be suitably covered.

Evolution Security, who have been working with Portsmouth-based LED lighting manufacturer Gemma Lighting LTD, believe LED lighting to be the ideal partner to CCTV systems, and have utilised the new technology for the past three years.

A spokesman from Evolution Security said: “Gemma Lighting’s high quality products provide the perfect lighting for our CCTV systems and we recommend their LED flood lights for areas under surveillance.”

As well as higher quality images provided by the improved lighting, the security firm also benefited from lower maintenance costs, saved money on energy bills and reduced carbon emissions by installing LED lighting.

With more and more CCTV firms turning to LED flood lights as their lighting solution, and with PCC elections just around the corner, there’s no time like the present for businesses to secure their premises - with the possibility that burglary may not necessarily be the highest priority under the area’s new Commissioner.

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Thursday, 25 October 2012

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