Saturday, 17 September 2011

Gemma Lighting record astonishing growth of 132%

Portsmouth News - Sep 2011 

As manufacturing declines in the UK, it’s comforting to hear a success story and from a manufacturing Company on our doorstep. Gemma Lighting have bucked the trend of a UK wide 2% drop in manufacturing to record an astonishing growth of 132%. Manufacturers of LED lighting for offices, factories, warehouses and street lighting, Gemma are pushing ahead with exports leading the way.
UK Made - LED Lighting
“We are keen to grow domestically” says Managing Director, Craig Manuel, “but I do get frustrated when I go to Abu Dhabi and see our street lights widely used, but we only have one street in Portsmouth”.

Local MP Penny Mordaunt who is championing environmental issues and local
manufacturing recently visited Gemma Lighting to understand the savings to be gained by local Government. “Our sums suggest that in Portsmouth alone, we can help the council save over £4 million per year on electricity, and that is with highly conservative estimate” said Sales Director, Mark Major.

The team at Gemma believe the future is good for further sales expansion, and expect to grow sales significantly creating local employment opportunities.

Gemma have pride in being able to design products specifically for the application, as well as volume standard designs.

NEW: Green Lease - LED Lighting

Gemma Lighting’s ‘Green Lease’ for LED Lighting

With lighting accounting for up to 80% of a facility's energy consumption, the switch to LED lighting can result in energy savings of 60-90%... Not to mention the resulting 70-90% savings in maintenance costs during the life of the lights!
LED Lighting 'Green Lease'
However, we understand that quality LED lighting is more expensive than traditional fluorescent and metal halide options, forcing many companies to delay the change to LED until they have the ability to pay for it.
Until now…
Gemma Lighting is proud to announce the launch of their ‘Green Lease’ for LED lighting.
A ‘Green Lease’ from Gemma Lighting allows your business to switch to our ultra efficient LED lighting without utilising the capital expenditure budget or tying up valuable cash flow.
Gemma Lighting can offer a truly independent, tailored solution which is based on the merits of each individual client that we work with. Utilising our network of lenders we will find the best solution to meet your needs whilst highlighting the significant tax benefits that come with leasing.
We can supply our LED lighting to you and the repayments are made from the energy saving and maintenance reductions generated. In fact we can even structure the ‘Green Lease’ so that the monthly payments are LESS than the energy and maintenance savings. YES, we can put money back into your business every month!

LED Ceiling Tile

Furthermore Gemma Lighting is the UK manufacturer. We are confident in the high quality of our products and will offer a factory warranty for the length of the lease*
With viable commercial leasing now readily available, now is the time to go green!

For further information on our ‘Green Lease’ please contact our sales department on 0844 8565 201.

*Subject to a maximum of 4 years.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Greenpower Gathering of Goblins - Goodwood

Above: Team Captain Shannon (Year 6)

As part of Gemma Lighting's commitment to inspire young people to become engineers, the Portsmouth based manufacturer sponsored Wickham Primary School (WPS) as they took to the racing track at Goodwood for the 2011 Greenpower Gathering of Goblins.

The year 6 students from Wickham Primary spent the previous three months designing and building their energy efficient go kart ready for race day.

Despite the horrible weather conditions, spirits were high and the students got stuck into’ a great day’s racing.

Above: Helper Bradley (Year 1)
All the children had the opportunity to compete in at least one race from a range of events including a slalom course and a complete lap of the Goodwood motor circuit. It was a fun-filled but long day and the enthusiasm and sportsmanship displayed from all of the children was incredible.

The team built on their earlier successes at Portsmouth’s Mountbatten Sports Centre, to end the racing year with awards for Best body work, Greenest Body work and overall Winner.

Team Captain Shannon Manuel said ‘Thank you to everybody at Gemma Lighting who made this possible, we all had a great time and can’t wait for next year’